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SUPER cleaning product for various materials, including SILVERWARE !!

Very environmentally friendly and economical in use !

One product for various materials : no packaging waste !!!

Made from natural raw materials and bio-degradable

Cleans without scratching and protects for months

Skin friendly

Including two Super Sponges


Can be used on (for example) : pvc, plastic, polyester, windows, stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, enamel, copper , tiles, glass, jewerly, mirrors, tennis/running shoes, radiators, algae from aquarium, burnt soles of ironing machine, burnt-on cooking residues in (microwave) ovens, ceramic- electric-, gas stoves, pots and pans, takes off limescale, moss and excessive dirt of BBQ, garden ornaments, flower pots, swimming pools, fountains, tents and sails

Instructions for use :

  • wet the super sponge (just moisten it, no dripping !!)
  • rub the Wonderstone with the damp sponge
  • squeeze the sponge untill a form forms and start cleaning
  • for very stubborn dirt or burnt materials, press firmly and clean in small rapid movements
  • then rinse the cleaned materials with water, which activates the protective layer for months
  • dry the cleaned materials with a kitchen towel for the best result 
  • allow the Wonderstone to dry before sealing 


650 gr